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Choosing your wedding veil ought to receive as much attention as choosing your dress! Why? Because your wedding day is the one time you will wear one… Read on to learn about these fabulous bridal headpieces! With a little information and guidance, picking your veil will be easy and fun! [...]
Fri, Feb 08, 2019
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DIY Sandy Centerpieces For A Beach Themed Wedding
Source: Some D.I.Y. wedding decor ideas are very time consuming, but this is definitely not one of them! If you're looking for ways to infuse personal touches into your wedding day, you'll love this idea. For a beach-themed wedding, create sand-and-flower centerpieces. Gather glass candle holders of varying sizes, sand, and [...]
Mon, Feb 04, 2019
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Valentine's Day has always made your heart swoon. From the days when you slid heart-shaped notes to your childhood crush, you've been a sucker for the holiday of love. But now you can incorporate these sentimental details into your wedding day for a romantic twist. Photo Source: unsplash These ideas won't require [...]
Fri, Feb 01, 2019
Source: The Inspired Bride