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The average couple spends $2,780 on their wedding photos – these are treasured pictures to last a lifetime, so there's even more reason to show your photos off in a unique and different way. Anyone can share images on social media, but you can create something far more special with [...]
Mon, Feb 18, 2019
Source: The Inspired Bride
Have you ever wondered why some brides prefer to DIY their wedding make-ups instead of hiring professionals for the job? Well, there are various reasons why one can choose to do their make-up. Having a tight budget such that you can't bear spending anything extra just to have someone do [...]
Sun, Feb 17, 2019
Source: The Inspired Bride
It's always impressive how modern developments in both photography and event design take center stage on wedding trends every year- and 2019 isn't an exception. Lo and behold, the amazing world of Wedding murals! Okay, so you might think that it's already years since murals have been introduced in the [...]
Thu, Feb 14, 2019
Source: The Inspired Bride