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Aside from having the willpower to choose healthier foods over what I consider to be ones that are ‘naughty' (for me) the hardest part of my eating regimen is finding products that check off all the boxes for me AND taste good. Well, this WAS one of the hardest parts [...]
Mon, Feb 04, 2019
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Today's post showcases the last two 2018 private workshops I hosted before I went on my maternity leave! And how fitting that Nicole, one of the women featured here today, welcomed her baby girl just a few weeks before I gave birth to Ev. It was a fun experience getting to [...]
Wed, Jan 30, 2019
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Well! We officially have a three year old! Lachlan's birthday party was this past weekend which worked out nicely since his official birthday landed on a Friday this year. Despite some mild sicknesses lingering in our home for the last eight weeks, I prepared as much as I could in advance [...]
Thu, Jan 24, 2019
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